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ACEO RoseI really wish I had more time to myself to paint these little watercolors. I am quite enjoying them. I think it's not only the learning a new process thing, but also that I don't have to make them look like anything. Most of our art pieces have to end up looking like something (a rocket or portrait...)  or performing some function (like holding up a table). I have always wanted to be more loose in my paintings, to paint or create more abstract or impressionist pieces, but that so rarely happens. These pieces let me delve a little deeper into that. Yes, it's still a rose, recognizable, but it's more free in what I can do with it, and the backgrounds are quite abstract. Here is the latest piece:


The texture on the petals is very nice - the colors went on smooth and blended just beautifully. The background was a lot of fun too. There are some leafy shapes in there, but I forced myself to not make any of them actual leaf paintings, but let them flow in and out of each other, letting the focus be on the rose itself. Most of these initial ACEOs were done with the focus thing being off center. I like it, but I think it's a little too far off maybe. I don't want to put the rose smack in the center, but I think I'll play with even closer crops or making the focus the stem or a single petal. What do you think of it? Do you like it? Is it successful as an art piece on it's own? Please comment and help me grow.  If you'd like to own this little beauty, send me an email. Peace, Joy
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  • Jeanna Says:

    Joy. You always seem to have something new, it's like you can drink that painting... the colors are so rich. I love that. Water color is NOT easy. Not for me at least. I have little patience (or skill) for it. I've tried... I have a whole brown/gray series... not that it started that way.. it just turns into mud for me. Please keep up the great work. It's inspirational!

  • lynngg Says:

    Hi Joy! I like it. It seems a bit disturbing, don't know why. I rotated it left, left with the rose in the top left and it seemed soothing. You may be onto something. A series of these in a Rorschach Inkblot type thing. Branch out into psychiatry. You continue to amaze.



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