Butterfly ACEO

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I've been having fun with both the small format of ACEOs (art cards), and also the watercolor techniques. Since most of my paintings are usually done with acrylics on glass, having the white paper as a start and then having the paints absorb into it are new for me. It takes a lot of getting used to.  The biggest thing is getting used to working from back to front instead of details first like I have to do in my glass paintings. I find that I keep putting details down and then they get overrun or covered completely when I have to lay in a bigger wash of color. There are a lot of D'Oh! moments learning a new medium.  But it is fun too. I was amazed at the feedback for my first one. Let's hope this one is even more!
Butterfly ACEO

Butterfly ACEO

I like this one, but it had a lot of the detail-first moments to it, as I was decorating the wings.  If you've looked through my website, you'll see that I really like wings. If you have seen me at costume contests, you'll know that I **really** like wings. I enjoyed making these, but know that I need to do more of them. Butterflies, fairies, dragonflies... wings.... Must do more wings. Please tell me what you think of this one. Like it? Don't? Why? Why not? Help me learn what you see with these. It'll help me become a better painter, all because of you!! Peace, Joy
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