Art and Life by and about Joy Alyssa Day of Spherical Magic. I was always interested in creating things as I was growing up, but was told by many a counselor that I needed to focus on a "real" career choice. I studied science, computers and math during school, being in the top 11(!) of my class. I went into Purdue University in the field of computer science, planning to be a computer designer for spacecraft systems.

All the while though, I was creating. On a blustery winter morning, a week before my junior spring term was to start, I woke up with the fight going on in my head—I could either continue and be financially comfortable, but sad, or switch to a creative outlet, be financially unstable but extremely happy. I called my counselor that day and switched my entire program.

I finished my bachelor's degree in Theatre, Costume Design. I was also taking a number of art courses. As soon as I graduated, my then partner got a job in Oregon, so we moved immediately. I was fortunate enough to find some theatre work in Portland and McMinnville, but during that time, the art (painting, mostly) was taking over. I soon found that I was making as much money from selling my paintings as I was from the costume design, and enjoying my time a lot more. I ended the costume work and settled into creating full time.

After my marriage ended, I figured I could do my art anywhere and went on a trek to see where I might find healthy inspiration.

I chose Carmel, California, as it is a rich artistic community and a friend was there whom I could collaborate with. New jobs and opportunities have arisen, to which I always say "You Bet!" and then proceed to learn whatever I need to learn to finish the job.

My Carmel friend is now my partner and we create some amazing things together. I am skilled in so many different techniques now, and you'll see me using various ones as I write in my blog while working through the projects we get. What I love most about it though is that I get to keep learning new techniques and new tools, and then combine them! What fun!!

Some of my abilities include glass blowing, casting, carving, etching & molding, reverse glass painting, regular painting (on canvas), watercolor, wood turning, furniture making, wood carving, design, 3D modeling, digital painting, graphic design, logo and branding, marketing, computer programming, software development, writing, children's book writing and illustrating, framing, and no doubt others I've overlooked. A wide and interesting life, for sure.

I share this life in my island Hot Glass Studio off the coast of Washington State with my partner and many cats whom I love so dearly.

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