My First ACEO!

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Well, I said I was going to do it... It just took me a bit longer to rev up the time to sit down and actually get started. In my defense, though, we had that huge conference that takes over the whole studio for a good month or two - getting ready, getting stuff shipped, going and then the two weeks of recovery because I always seem to catch some hideous disease there or on the way back. So, I've wanted to play more with the watercolors, so I thought that would be a good way to start - little ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions or Originals) (they're art trading cards, same size as baseball cards, 2.5"x3.5").  These would let me get my hands dirty with watercolors without any real stress or duedates or anything. And it worked! I had a very good time, very relaxing, could paint what I wanted, and most importantly, I allowed myself to stop working on them probably long before I really wanted to - which is my biggest problem so far with regular painting - I nerdle stuff to death, until it looks completely ruined. Here is my first one:
Rose Closeup

Rose Closeup

A closeup of a tiny rose. I really like how the greens fade in and out with rich colors. I also like the rippled edges of the rose petals. A very pretty painting. It is for sale. Since we just migrated over to wordpress, I don't have the auction or buy it now stuff set up on here yet, so if you'd like to have it, please drop me an email, make me an offer. And remember, it's an original piece of art, and will will actually gain value as my career progresses. And let me know what you think of it too. Should I do more flowers? Should I stick to something else? What should I try next time? I'm not much of a fan of still lifes, but maybe landscapes? Butterflies? Cats? Nudes? Space? Ocean? What do you think? Peace, Joy
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