The Bummer of Being a Commissioned Artist

Barrios Awards Sketch and Finish

In the previous blog post I wrote about the custom commission I was designing and creating for a company - their 30-year service award, to be given to two of their employees.

A risk involved with creating custom pieces is that the client may get the piece and decide that they just don't like it. When you sell a work in a gallery, the new owner sees it

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Design to Creation

Barrios Award

A really fun part of my job is the first contact I get with a new client and they say "We're thinking of something, but we don't know what. Is that possible?" and then from there, based on their budget, the use and how wild they want to be, I get to design and create a piece of artwork that is new and truly unique.

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New Year of Marketing

Kittens & Friends Calendar

The new year brings me anticipation and hope. This past year had some ups and downs certainly, and from an economic view, it was indeed crappy. What it *did* do was force me to look into other products and skills to learn and offer. I'm not sure I would have done many of these things if not for searching for more sales, so I count it as a good

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Back a few months ago, I captured a little stray kitten along the road. When I first saw her, I also saw her mom, a small black cat, and another little kitten, black, running up the road. By the time I caught the first little one, the other two were gone. I brought that one home to keep her, but continued to watch for the mom and the

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Torchwork Earrings

Yellow Drip Earrings

It was a cool enough day yesterday to do a little torchwork at my jewelry bench. I don't get a chance very often, because it takes a good number of hours that have to be completely uninterrupted once I light that torch. It also has to be cool and breezy so that I don't burst into flames or fill the place up with propane fumes. As it is, my

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Glass Tiles

New Horizon, by me and BJ Johnson

New ways to enjoy my artwork, and they're fun for me to make too. When I started getting my art pieces listed on Etsy and ArtFire, of course I drove around to see what else was selling and at what prices. I found these Scrabble tiles with various images plastered on the front. And immediately I thought "I can do better than that!!!"

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Surprised by My Own Artwork

Captured Worlds Marble

An order came in this morning. Yay! It was for an art glass marble, and those have a numbering system dependent on which date they were blown, what piece number that day and what recipe was used. A little complicated, but necessary. So I immediately went to my files to find out which marble it was so that I could go find it in the display rack.


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