Glass Tiles

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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in jewelry
New Horizon, by me and BJ Johnson

New ways to enjoy my artwork, and they're fun for me to make too. When I started getting my art pieces listed on Etsy and ArtFire, of course I drove around to see what else was selling and at what prices. I found these Scrabble tiles with various images plastered on the front. And immediately I thought "I can do better than that!!!"

Pelagia, by BJ Johnson

Pelagia, by BJ Johnson

So I started experimenting with some little pieces of glass to see what shapes and sizes would make the best little tiles. I heated up several batches over a number of days in my little blueboy kiln, each time, taking them out, wrinkling my forehead and giving them weird, thoughtful faces and then going to cut some more little pieces of glass. Yes, I found the best combination. Makes a beautiful, crystal clear tile, with a few ever-so-tiny bubbles encased, with nice roundy courners and a perfect flat back for an image.

New Horizon, by me and BJ Johnson

New Horizon, by me and BJ Johnson

Of course, I was fully stocked with great images, having so many paintings I could choose from, from my collection and my partner's. Plus, with the image tile being so small at just one inch, I could zoom in on my paintings and make multiple tiles from each painting. And each one would be it's own little world.

First Kiss

First Kiss

Please take a look at more, and maybe buy one or two... or three! //

What do you think? Do you like them? Have other ideas? Something different? Something better?

Peace, Joy

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2 Responses to: Glass Tiles

  • Julia Says:

    Well, I know I love MY little tile, and have seen several others that I'm thinking of saving pennies for.

  • Joy Alyssa Day Says:

    Thank you!! First Kiss has always been one of my favorite paintings. Behind the tile lens, it just glows. I'm glad you love it!!!


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