LinkStephen Hawking 70th Birthday Exhibit — The Science Museum, London

BJ's blog post about: Our Blown Glass Saturn sculpture in the London Science Museum's exhibit of Stephen Hawking's Archives and Curiosities

Baptismal Font and Bowl Creation

Along with making the glass pieces, sometimes it's nice to be able to offer the supporting pieces as well, like frames for paintings, candles or soap for the little blown glass pieces, or the actual pedestal stands, known as fonts, for the big glass Baptismal basins. They add a lot for the client

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Making Saturn

Dobby gives Saturn the Sniff Test

Loving astronomy, and becoming a glassblower, it was only a matter of time before we would try re-creating the planets and Sun in blown glass. It is an interesting challenge to figure out the right mix of colors, the density of the colors and how big or small the chips of color (frit) need to be so that they will mix and swirl together and look like whichever planet's atmosphere.

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I Have the Best Friends in the World!

Recently, we ran a Kickstarter program. is a place for creatives to post a project they're trying to raise money for. There are art projects, films, books, inventions... all kinds of really cool things on there, all trying to get funding so that they can be created. The artists/writers/inventors/whatevers post a story about the project they want to do and offer rewards to anyone who will donate to their cause. It can be as little as one dollar, or as much as the supporter wants to give.

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New Kickstarter Project

Each year, we travel to Colorado Springs to attend the National Space Symposium. Actually, we don't *attend*, we work. First off, we move the giant glass sculpture from it's home at the Space Foundation corporate headquarters to where the conference is. When we're done moving and setting it back up, we spend the rest of the week exhibiting our work in a booth in the exhibit hall with

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Who Doesn’t Love Cupcakes???

Over the past several months, I've gotten the love bug for cupcakes. My mom got me a book for Christmas that was all about cupcakes with different recipes and decorations and then my friend, Sandra Salamony, sent me her wonderful book, 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes with glorious pictures of all sorts of different decorating ideas. Of course, I wanted to make them

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How Things Ought to Work!

Seafoam 12 inch Baptismal Bowl

I love it when things work out just right.

Ten days ago, I got a call from a lady who had seen our Baptismal Bowls website and wanted to know if we could do a custom piece for her church. The bowls on the website are large - 18 inches diameter by 5 inches deep. She needed one that was about 12 inches across by 4 inches

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