Great Swirly Marble

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This small marble has some great stuff going on in it. I put on a general salmon color over the whole interior, but then I mixed on some deep ruby and let that swirl around the salmon. I then added small opal white frit over the ruby. While it was all hot and gooey, I grabbed sections of it and twisted and pulled. The colors wrapped around each other and the opal white thinned down to little bitty whispies! Very pretty.

After it was all swirled, I added another gather of hot glass over it and then gently rolled it in some more opal white to get a delicate smattering of little white dots over the exterior lower half.

Very nice technique. I would like to use this with some golds in with the ruby. I think that would look fantastic.


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One Response to: Great Swirly Marble

  • Julie Rodriguez Jones Says:

    Ok, I want to do this too.


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