We Got SNOW!!!!

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The Mountains of Big Sur Covered in White

We Got SNOW!!! Isn't the place beautiful?? It snows so rarely here, it's really great when it happens. It's only about once every two or three years and then it only lasts maybe a day. As I write this, the great snow of this morning is mostly all melted away now.

Looking up From the Shop

Looking up From the Shop

I come from Michigan and Indiana, so I'm no stranger to snow -- huge drifts, shoveling, scraping off windshields, getting my little bug stuck on the snow between the lanes carved out by much taller vehicles.... I don't miss that part of it, but I do miss being warm and snuggly, wrapped up with kittens and looking out on how pretty it is. I wish it was going to be here tonight so that I could see our pretty Christmas lights reflected in it.

The Mountains of Big Sur Covered in White

The Mountains of Big Sur Covered in White

The kittens do NOT like snow! Dobby was the first to try it. He gets cold easily and is mostly an inside house elf, so he was happy to come right back in. Larry, on the other hand, with his big Maine Coon paws, tried to make his way out, shaking his hands and feet after each step. Alas, crossing the deck was as far as he ventured and he too came back into the warm coziness.

And I'm making stew in my crock pot, so it's an extra warm cozy feeling in here today. Business may be down, we may be behind on bills, but this place is beautiful and our work is great, so it's got to turn around here soon.

Peace and Merry Christmas,

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  • Julie Rodriguez Jones Says:

    I too love the white stuff. 8 degrees here. We have about 3-4 inches with more coming Thurs and Frid.


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