How Things Ought to Work!

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Seafoam 12 inch Baptismal Bowl

I love it when things work out just right.

Ten days ago, I got a call from a lady who had seen our Baptismal Bowls website and wanted to know if we could do a custom piece for her church. The bowls on the website are large - 18 inches diameter by 5 inches deep. She needed one that was about 12 inches across by 4 inches deep. "Oh, yes!" I told her, "I can make that for you!" Here is the bowl they liked:

Within a few days, she had gotten the go-ahead from her committee and they FedExed me a check for the deposit. The bowl design they liked was one I liked and had all of the right colors for, so I didn't have to spend any time ordering glass or digging for the appropriate equipment. They were building the font to match the bowl, so I didn't have to worry about trying to make sure it would fit into a strange shape like the weird sink I tried before.

Since over that weekend, my large kiln was available, I went ahead and started the casting process on the bowl. I hadn't received their deposit check yet, but I had a good feeling about them and could certainly post the bowl elsewhere if they never came through. By the time I got their deposit check, I'd already cast the bowl and done the subsequent firings on it to get the pattern and correct shape. The day after I got the deposit, the molding of the bowl was complete. I hadn't even cashed their check yet!

I brought the bowl in and cleaned it up, set it on the counter and waited for it to dry. There were no cracks, no problem spots, no weirdities, no spikes on the edges.... It came out perfect, and beautiful. Yes! This is the way things ought to work. They should just work! Here is the final piece:

Seafoam 12 inch Baptismal Bowl

Seafoam 12 inch Baptismal Bowl

Now I can write them and tell them their bowl is already finished and they'll be delighted! Yayy!!! I love happy clients!!! Then I'll ship it down to Texas to its new home!

I love it when things just work. It's like they were meant to be. Now! On to the next project!

Peace, Joy

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