More Little Watercolors

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Larry's First ACEO

I've gotten a great response for the little watercolor I posted of Shadow, so here is another one I did a bit ago. This is of Larry, our beautiful Maine Coon tuxedo boy. He is from a kaboodle of 5 abandoned kittens we rescued (yes, we're suckers for cuties....)

Larry's First ACEO

Larry's First ACEO

This piece is only 6 inches wide, and really captures his eyes. I really like the super closeups, if I can get them to pose for that long, but Larry happens to be one of the most easygoing cats I've ever had, so it's easy. I just have to tell him he's adorable, and he flops down and goes into some really cute pose.

Since my watercolors are only personal projects so far, I don't often get time to work on them. Paying jobs come first. Today, it's raining and dreary though, so maybe I'll take some time, get a mug of cocoa, put on my slippers and lose myself in some little paintings.

Yes, that sounds like a really good plan.

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4 Responses to: More Little Watercolors

  • Editor Says:

    That watercolor painting of your Maine Coon cat is beautiful, and captures so soulful an expression.

  • Diana Says:

    I've really captured the cat's essence. This is a beautiful piece.

  • Joy Alyssa Says:

    Thank you so much! He's a beautiful boy to begin with, so it was easy. I'll have to do more of these little portraits. I just love them.

  • Pam Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sooooooooooo cute!!!- Pam


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