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The KittyCubbyhole

Our Tiny House has Tiny Houses!

We live in a tiny house.  It's adorable. But oh, it's tiny. That's why they call it a tiny house. We also have 947 cats. That's an exaggeration of course. I just love that number. But we have a lot of kitties.  More than a few, less than too many, but in a tiny house. Before we moved here, into our tiny house, we ran a rescue shelter at our prior home. We took in abused, orphaned, abandoned kitties. We gave them love, tried to rehabilitate them. Most of them had "issues", so were deemed unadoptable.  We kept them safe, loved, happy and healthy.

Our tiny house is adorable! There is a living room area, a kitchen, a bathroom, the sleeping loft, there is a loft in the front of the house too for storage or cat beds.  And then, back by the bathroom, there is a spare room that is meant to be a bedroom.  It is exactly the size of a twin mattress. And the equipment for the tiny house - the little water heater, extra storage, the electrical panel... stuff like that are under the floor, so the room is just 5 feet tall.  That's all fine and dandy for using it as a bedroom, you'd just crawl in and onto the bed, so the headspace wouldn't matter, but me.... I want to be able to do my artwork, have a little office/studio, and currently, to build a big presentation costume for an upcoming science fiction convention.

Seriously? A big costume.... in a tiny house.... And just how is THAT going to work??  Well, come with me and let's find out! 🙂

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3 Responses to: KittyCubbyholeCostuming

  • Joy Day Says:

    Can't wait!

  • Katt Washedai Says:

    You can do it because it's bigger on the inside, right?

  • Richard Stephens Says:

    Cant wait to see what you cook up!


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