Kickstarter Project a Success!

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This past spring, in order to help us pay the ticket to the National Space Symposium, we ran a Kickstarter campaign. If you're not aware of Kickstarter, it's a pretty darned cool thing. It's a website where you post your creative project and offer "rewards" and people will donate money to help you realize your project budget. They call it a donation and rewards, but for us anyways, it's a sale of our art pieces, just all in one place. People that are "donating" to our project receive artwork worth more than what they're giving, so it's a really good deal for them. And it's great for us as it gets our word out to more than just our regular clients, and we have a great sale right when we need it most. Here is our kickstarter project that ran this past April - exhibition-of-blown-glass-art

We want to give a very warm thank you to all of the following, who kindly stepped up and bought our artwork through the campaign which allowed us to pay for the shipping and travel expenses to go to the symposium. Thank you so very much. I've been busy producing their artworks, from little rocketship pendant necklaces

Three finned rocketship pendant necklace

up to entire solar systems of ornaments!

Blown glass ornaments for the whole solar system

Thank you to the following very special people. Thank you for supporting our artwork.

Aaron Andrews, Adam Lucas, Aiyesha Ma, Alissa Hendershot, Alizey Khan, Angela patel, Anne McMullen, Betsy Lewis, Betty Widerski, Christel Mack, Darcie Callahan, Don Glover, Doug Rady, Helen Patrice, Janice Hofer, Joann Keesey, Jon Malay, Judy Oxford, Julia Benson-Slaughter, Karen Purcell, Karen Thompson, Kassandra Hayes, Kate McClure, Katharine Bond, Kathy Anderson Foster, Kayote Booth, Kevin Altman, Leslie Johnston, Leslie Larkins, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Lisa Satterlund, Lorelei Rost, Lynette Cook, Madeleine Ong, Marla Hoffman, Michael Bruno, Michelle Ossiander, Nancy Edwards, Nicole Weigand, Pamela Osborne, Patrick Hillmeyer, Rachel Chico, Randy Gordon, Robin Mlynar, Shawn Marier, Stephanie Lucas, Susan Courney, Thom Walls

Thank you!
Peace, Joy

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3 Responses to: Kickstarter Project a Success!

  • Hannah Peterson Says:

    So how can I get a set of solar system ornaments? I love them!

  • Joy Alyssa Day Says:

    Thank you!!! Here is the link to the whole set, including the Sun -

  • Shana Says:

    My brother has fallen in love with these ornaments, but I cannot afford to buy the entire set at one time. Are they something that you would make continuously so that we can purchase them individually over time?


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