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Earth Bowl in Cast Glass

Earth Bowl in Cast GlassWell, I have been pestered by my brother to get our new artwork up on our sites. It is not one of our favorite tasks - website building, so it gets delayed and delayed. I have spent most of the past four days though going through my art and building a new gallery page.

At first, I thought "OK, it shouldn't really take that long, cause I don't really have a lot of new stuff." Then I went through the files and found 28 new pieces - and that's just what I have pictures of. I have a lot of glass work that is sitting here, not photographed yet for one reason or another (mostly because I haven't finished polishing them or whatever).

28 pieces! wow! Well then! Maybe I should figure out how to use this wonderful website editor I have - Visual Studio. It's supposed to do a great job and make everything easier. OK, so THAT took a couple of days to learn. Just today, I finally figured out how to make the images actually GO somewhere. sigh....

I still have to add many of them to the "Prints" section, and some of the larger stuff will have/has it's own website -- like the bowl above! I have made a number of large bowls lately. They were going to be a series of solar system objects and cast into large bowls to use as sinks. Great idea! So I started working on that. I got the above Earth Sink cast and was going to do a little hand polishing on it. I set it down on the floor for less than three seconds and one of my cats jumped in, laid down and was so happy!!

We thought "OK, it's a fluke - the New Box syndrome" It could just as easily have been a free paper bag, right? No!! Cats just LOVE these bowls. They play in them, sleep in them, fight over who gets to be in them, trade out when a new bowl comes in... They absolutely LOVE them. Who knew??? So, my plan to make sinks turned into something I have a greater passion for - making my (and others') cats happy.

Now I am making a series of bowls in various colors, using an amazing technique that I developed that I haven't ever seen anywhere else. It makes the bowls looks like they're bursting with flowers. Very cool. The cats seem to favor some colors over others, so I'm playing with different color schemes and designs.

And I have about 8 bowls made, and need to take photos of them for the new site - - it isn't up yet, but it'll be soon!

But not tonight! I'm exhausted!!


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