A new painting for sale!

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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in reverse glass, space
Long Triangle PortalLong Triangle Portal

It's an original miniature painting, reverse painted on glass. It shows a water planet surrounded by dark nebula. It's about 8 3/4" wide by 3" tall and is for sale!

Reverse painting on glass is an extremely old technique, but only a few people practice it anymore. I find that the colors are richer and deeper when reverse painted, making the piece really glow and shine. This one comes with it's own little wooden stand, so it can stand up on a desk or shelf. It is not stained glass, is not transparent to hang in a window. It's a solid painting, like oil or watercolor, just on the backside of glass instead of on canvas.

These little paintings are called "Portals". I'm doing a whole series of different Portals into other worlds. It's a beautiful little gem that you would just love to own!!


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