Am I a “Space Artist”?

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I think many "space" artists immediately narrow their own market and success by adhering to that title. We're artists — first and foremost. Let the gallery of works show that we can focus into space related things, but we can broaden our scope, and therefore our market, into numerous other paths.

Clients tend to immediately classify and pidgeonhole - why help them? If you state that you're a "space artist", chances are you are immediately overlooked for multiple other jobs that you could do wonderful work on. Even with the multitude of abilities we possess, we see this pidgeonholing on us time and time again. it's infuriating. Now that we've seen it so many times, we recognize it when it starts and immediately try to deflect it. Doing this has gotten us jobs as building designers, park sculpture design, film production, environmental work, performance work, voiceover jobs, abstract sculptural works, woodcarving, fantasy, landscape, writing, web design, portraiture, engineering, etc.

Yes, maybe other artists don't have the range of capabilities that BJ and I have, but I bet most of them can do more than just only "space".

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