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Violin Top

Violin TopIsn't she a beauty? I love this violin, and have played it for years. It has a sweet, soft tone, not the loud, edgy type, and is in fabulous shape. See more pictures here. I hate to sell her, but I don't play her anymore, and someone should. I recently inherited my great-great grandfather's violin, so I have taken to playing that one instead.

This beautiful full sized violin comes with a nice bow and a really cool case. It was made in the 40's. I have been playing this sweet instrument for years. The quality of this violin is excellent, and the tone rich and wonderful.

The wood is dark and beautiful with a very pretty back. The bow is in good condition and the case is a cool leather look, like alligator. This is an excellent value. I will include the chin rest and shoulder rest and rosin.

This is a beautiful gem that will brighten your home as much as it has mine.

Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis
Faciebat Anno 1731
which means it's a Strad copy, based on a 1731 piece.

Write me if you're interested. She really is quite beautiful.


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5 Responses to: Beautiful Violin Available

  • JohnO Says:

    I know several violinist, do you want me to echo this post in my blogs?


  • Joy Alyssa Says:

    Yes, please do! Thank you!!!

  • Don Glover Says:

    I tried to email you from your page, but you links are broken.

    If I were to pass this on to a friend here at work, what type of price range would they be looking att>

  • Joy Alyssa Says:

    I'd like $900 for the whole setup. It's quite a good deal, as the piece has been well cared for.
    Thank you so much!!

  • JohnO Says:

    Sorry it took so long to do, but I finally reposted the message to my LiveJournal.

    With comments directed back to this post.


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