My Art Marketing System, Part 1

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I don't know if it will be completely successful or not, but it combines things from years past that have been, so should be well on it's way to bringing us some more sales. I thought you would get some insight and some tips and hints from it. If you have ideas to add, please comment!!!

The first thing I get is several calendars. Yes, several. Since I work here at home, I find it very difficult to always know what day it is, or date either. I have three calendars. I have a monthly wall calendar on which I have a sticky note that indicates the day of the month. With a quick look at where the sticky label is, I can see where I am in the week and where I am in the month.  It also has a pretty picture on my wall to let me dream/relax. I got this from Gladstone Media.

Falling Waters Wall Calendar

Falling Waters Wall Calendar

I  have a daily desk calendar. Each day, I reveal a new page. It gives me the current date and day, a place for any notes and a nice little image on my desk. I start the day off by taking the prior day's page, turning it over and making a To-Do list for today. I try to pick something I'd like to look at - pretty paintings, flowers or a daily chocolate confection. I choose NOT to have a cartoon, puzzle, word or something that doesn't make my day brighter (like a daily curse word, daily snide comment... you've probably seen similar things). I need to surround myself with nice, warm and fuzzy feeling things or the devils in my mind get too much fuel.

Most importantly, I have a weekly engagement calendar. This is where the meat of my marketing happens. The other calendars are there to remind me of the day and date when I'm doing email or phone calls, but the engagement calendar is where I plot out future plans. I like to use the Audubon calendar, cause it gives me a nice picture to look at each week. Many of them have inspired watercolor or glass paintings.

I keep this on my desk while I am working and write down notes of appointments, followups, etc. that I need to do in upcoming days. I also mark in there future conferences and then backtrack notes to when I need to ship items, when I need to have the pre-publicity flyers or mailers done by, how many of each product I need to do in each of the previous weeks ahead of the show, etc....

I also have blank sheets of paper attached to it that I can make project lists on. Headings could include "Internet updates" (adding testimonials, researching affiliate sites, looking for retail outlets), "Blog Topics" where I jot down ideas for future blog posts, "Current Projects" (upcoming list of shows, new products I am developing, ideas I want to try, etc..), "Future Ideas" where I write things I might try in the future if I get time ("lamps, fountains, wavy bowls") A lot of times things on my future ideas list have stayed there for years until finally moving over to my current projects list. A good idea may still be a good idea when you have time, so write it down so you don't forget it!

This engagement calendar goes with me when I travel, even if I'm only going for groceries. If I get an idea while out shopping, it can get written into one of the lists. Or if I remember that I should send an update to a client, I can write it on today's or this week's calendar page.

For a flighty artist, this system keeps me up to date and from missing appointments or being disappointed because I didn't plan for a show well enough.

Next, I'll detail out some anti-distraction items I have that make sure my tasks get accomplished. Until then, leave me a comment!


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  • Deborah Says:

    Hi Joy- I like this idea! I'm a pretty flighty artist myself- always forgetting stuff and 1 calendar isn't enough to fit everything on! You've inspired me to get more organized


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