The Definition of Insanity

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Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is when you keep trying the same experiment over and over again expecting different results. I feel like I have been living proof of this definition for the past 6 months.

Last November, I was hired to create two matching cast glass sinks for a client to install in her current counter top. Since I have been very successful in casting and molding above the counter top vessel sinks, I took the job. I was also desperate for new jobs, so took it at a substantially lower price than I should have.

Since then, I have had failure after failure in trying to get these sinks to come out, and it's driving me crazy. But still I continue. Why do I continue? Is it the drive to complete what I started? Is it the need to produce the art until the client is happy? Or is it just that I'm insane? I think I choose the last one.

But, in all fairness, the definition states trying the *same* experiment. I *have* been changing things each time and slowly whittling away the parts that I now know have caused problems, so I guess I'm choosing to call it all a "learning experience". Like Thomas Edison said when asked why he wasn't getting any results:

"I am getting results. I now know one thousand things that DON'T work."

Cast Sink Failure

Cast sink with huge split in it

This one came out beautifully, but sometime during the process, it developed a crack, so when it molded down into the sink form, the crack opened up. Not so good for a bathroom sink....Try Again.

Cast Sink

Not quite the right shape

Now this one turned out beautiful and didn't crack, but as it dropped too far through the drop mold, it sucked itself in and therefore has no edge in the front to lay on the counter. I think I'll make it into a fountain or something, but it won't work for her sinks. Try Again.

Shattered in the kiln

Shattered in the kiln

This one cracked before it got started into the mold. It actually only cracked once straight through it, but I just let it cool fast and that made it shatter like this, but one crack or shattering doesn't make a difference, so I just wanted to cool it quick so I could get the kiln back in business. Try Again.

Cast Sink that Worked

A working bowl!

This one is gorgeous and didn't crack, but it ended up too big to fit in the hole that she has in her counter! Dangit! Try Again! And this doesn't count the many others that cracked or cast too big or too small or the wrong shape or whatever.... But still I continue.

So I have another one in the kiln now. It's ready to do it's mold into the sink form. I'm afraid!!! But I'll go out and turn it on. Maybe when I check on it tomorrow, it will have worked like I think it's supposed to and I can finally have a success.

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