Surprised by My Own Artwork

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Captured Worlds Marble

An order came in this morning. Yay! It was for an art glass marble, and those have a numbering system dependent on which date they were blown, what piece number that day and what recipe was used. A little complicated, but necessary. So I immediately went to my files to find out which marble it was so that I could go find it in the display rack.

The website page showed that the piece was the second on this page: //

Captured Worlds Marble

Captured Worlds Marble

"Hmmm....." I thought. "I don't recall that piece. I think it might have sold long ago and was just mistakenly not taken off the website. Uhoh...." But I went in to the shop to go through the selection to make sure it wasn't hiding in there. There it was! Hiding! I took it out into the sun and Oh!!! What a beauty!!

Captured Worlds Marble

Captured Worlds Marble

And I didn't remember making this one. But then I spent the next 10 minutes looking into it, seeing the captured bubbles and the twists of color. Oh yes... Now I recall you, you beautiful piece of glass. And I'm so proud of you.

There have been numerous times in my art career that I've come across a piece that I initially don't recall creating. They surprise me, and I can then spend time with them. Relearning them. Seeing where I was in the process of being an artist when I created them. They're little gemstones I find every once in a while.

Peace, Joy

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