AUGH!! Too Many Ideas!!

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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in creation
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I don''t know if most creative types are this way, but I find that I have waaaay too many ideas for the amount of hours in a day. And they all seem cool, and I want to do them all. It's a challenge not to try them all. But what I really find is that I want to try so much stuff, I end up not knowing where to begin and 8 million projects get started, but nothing ever gets finished.

Diversity is good, right? Getting stuck on one thing over and over again (like the blue dog) would drive me insane, plus I think it would be really dull for my clients/fans (although, the blue dog guy doesn't seem to be hurting for sales, so maybe there is a lesson for me there...).

But you can see it in our websites, we have **tons** of different products, different techniques, different everythings. We have:

and there is a lot more too... sigh.... So what I've noticed since the awful sink project got canceled is that my head has opened up to creativity again, and along with it, more ideas than I can possibly ever have time to make.

Good thing? Bad thing? What is your experience? I can tell you one thing, it sure feels nice being excited about making **anything** again. Being in that sink-hole was awful.

Peace, Joy

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4 Responses to: AUGH!! Too Many Ideas!!

  • Vickie - InMyHeadStudios Says:

    I am very much with you on this one. I have so many ideas. I start so many things and do not finish because I'm already on to the next thing! BUT I got some small clear containers to collect each project and organize them. So now I really want to empty them and get stuff D O N E.

    • Joy Alyssa Day Says:

      That's a good idea. I should section my projects off too. I think if I saw them all stacked and could see how little actually needed to be done to finish them, I'd be more inclined to get on the stick. When I just see little parts laying around, my mind starts wandering to all the other stuff again and poof. nothing gets done!

  • Rach W. Says:

    This is me all the way, and I assume is the norm for many creative types.
    I go through spurts though, either I have way too many ideas at one time or I have no ideas at all. lol

    • Joy Alyssa Day Says:

      Hey, Rach, Yeah, I go through those spurts too. When I'm full up, I tend to write down ideas all over the place. When I run dry, I go look at my lists. Half the time, I'm looking at something wondering what the heck I was talking about!! LOL!!


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