My Cat Pees in the Toilet!

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After getting out of my shower yesterday, I heard a strange watery tinkling sound. I looked around the corner and saw Dobby, my red cream tabby with a curly tail, shown here, was hopping off of the toilet. I went over and looked in and sure enough, the water was moving, pee colored and had some fresh bubbles in it!!

I didn't even train him to do it. Usually, I've heard of the little trays that you fill with litter and start training your cat to use that and then slowly take it away, but not Dobby. He just up and used it! And I've noticed colorations in the bowl before, with no clue where it came from, so I think he's been using it for a while! What a smart kitty!

Now if I could just teach him how to flush....

Merry Christmas,

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2 Responses to: My Cat Pees in the Toilet!

  • CF Yankovich Says:

    Joy -
    You DON'T want to teach your cat to flush. There's a video clip that got sent around early last year of a cat that learned to flush. He was so fascinated by watching the water swirl down the toilet that his owners ended up with a gigantic water bill.

    I taught our cat to use the toilet and am grateful he hasn't figured out that he has to push the lever. He's always sticking his head in the bowl to watch when it flushes.

  • Joy Alyssa Says:

    Hmmm.. Probably a good idea. He really loves to watch the water go down, and it's in a bathroom that isn't used much, so he could just be in there flushing away without us knowing!!


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