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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in sculpture

Each year, we travel to Colorado Springs to attend the National Space Symposium. Actually, we don't *attend*, we work. First off, we move the giant glass sculpture from it's home at the Space Foundation corporate headquarters to where the conference is. When we're done moving and setting it back up, we spend the rest of the week exhibiting our work in a booth in the exhibit hall with all the Big Space Companies.

The sculpture gets moved three more times during the week for the luncheon and then back to the headquarters, so along with running the booth space, it's a long, long week! But it is a lot of fun to see people and to show off our glass work. Most of the people that attend are high military and serious space professionals - they certainly aren't hanging around art fairs being familiar with blown glass! But they're an intelligent set, so we can really get into the nitty-gritty of explaining what we do and how we do it, which is loads of fun.

But it's an expensive endeavour, to ship this heavy glass work, fly there, set it all up and stay for the week doing the exhibition. So I've set up a Kickstarter project at to help finance this trip. With your support, we can take some exquisite glass art and introduce a whole lot of people to how art can make their lives richer. And what do you get out of it? Oh... I'm so glad you asked!! You get some of the very exquisite art that I'm talking about! Blown glass, cast glass, carved glass.... ooh, it's all so wonderful, and hand-made by myself and my partner, right here in the good ole US of A. If you help us, you'll love the glass art you get in reward, and of course the warm fuzzy feeling of encouraging and directly supporting an artist to show off our creations.

Just go here: and pledge as much as you can. Maybe bump up to the next level and have some of your Christmas shopping taken care of!

Saturn Glass Sculpture

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