USGIF Glass Achievement Awards

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Aren't these so cute?? These are the Achievement awards being given out at this year's Geospatial Intelligence Symposium in Nashville. We make five of these beauties for them each year. They represent a type of cradle or hand holding an Earth that floats above the piece.

United States Geospatial Intelligence Academic Awards

United States Geospatial Intelligence Academic Awards

Each Earth is about 2.5 inches wide, complete with cloud patterns and north and south poles, blown glass. The cradles are blown and fused glass about the size of your hand. Not my hand, 'cause I have tiny hands, but about 7 inches long by about 4-5 inches wide. They are curved to hold the Earth and are formed so that they stand by themselves. Once the Earth gets attached, the center of gravity from the heavy Earth sticking out in front is enough to make sure the pieces stand.

We also make their Lifetime Achievement Award for the conference, but that's for another post.


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2 Responses to: USGIF Glass Achievement Awards

  • Julie Rodriguez Jones Says:

    Those are beautiful!!!

  • Walt Barrows Says:

    Gorgeous pieces Joy! Yours and BJs talents in the art never cease to amaze me...


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