Three New Marbles

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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in art, glass, sculpture

This is a wonderful paperweight. It's 2 inches across and is really fun with the little bubbles inside. It was on ebay for just ridiculously inexpensive.

There is also this one which is very pretty with the deep gold and the ivory mixing together. It's at an even more ridiculous price on

And this one, which is my favorite (so far...).This one is just really cool. The blue is textured like alien skin, and then it has two eyes (bubbles) at the very top, exactly spaced in the blue. The salmon pink and the transparent violet swirl up and wrap around the blue. It's a great combination of colors and very pretty. I'm going to go for this combo again the next time we blow. I think I can do some even cooler things with it. Yes, it was on ebay too.


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