The USGIF Lifetime Achievement Award

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United States Geospatial Intelligence Lifetime Achievement Award - Bird's EyeThis is the Lifetime Achievement Award that was awarded to Evan Hineman at the latest Geospatial Intelligence Conference in Nashville last week.

It stands about 16 inches tall. The Earth and the base are both molded glass that has a graceful curve to it. The base glass also has the USGIF logo and the award title and recipient's name etched into it. The spire is a blown glass piece of clear crystal that is then cut and polished to fit both the Earth chord and into the base. It's a very delicate piece that emulates the USGIF logo of orbit lines looking down onto the Earth.

Very pretty.

Unfortunately, they tell me that AFTER the conference, the hotel repacked the piece to ship to Mr. Hineman and didn't do such a good job... sigh...


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2 Responses to: The USGIF Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Julie Rodriguez Jones Says:

    The hotel wrecked this beautiful award????? I hope they insured it and I hope it can be repaired!!

  • Joy Alyssa Says:

    The client just says the hotel did not pack it properly and the base shattered. I'm not sure if he means the disc on the bottom or the spire. If it's just the disc on the bottom, I can salvage the spire and earth. If it was the spire, it may have damaged the earth too much to save. I would assume the client will be sending the hotel the bill for the new one. The poor recipient must have been heartbroken when he received it!


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