The Trouble Is….

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I threw my shoulder out this past week. I have pulled muscles before, but this was just excruciating. Still not quite sure what exactly I did, but wow was it sore! I couldn't raise my arm, nor turn my head and my entire right side was aching with a splitting axe going through my right eyeball.

So, I was on codeine (and now vicodin!) for this past week. The trouble is that we have been blowing glass bottle stoppers for the past two weeks and it's now up to me to do the cleanup so that we can photograph them. But doing the cleanup is so painful right now!!! OUCH!!!

I have a few of them done, so BJ has taken the photography of those, but there are so so so many more on my table. And they're all just so beautiful!!! Here's a few:

This one is one of mine, emerald green, medium blue and a wisp of golden. It's very nice, and I made it so it would slightly flare out from the wine bottle.

This one is like my marbles, using a pink/ivory with an overlay of red dots. The pink/ivory swirls on the inside and gives off somewhat of a golden tone. It would be fantastic on a chardonnay bottle.

Now this one is one of BJ's. He just can't seem to grasp the concept of "reserved" or "small". He just loves to stretch the glass to see how far he can go with it. This one is very special to him. It uses reds, the pink/ivory and a few other hints of color and then swirls and twists it up so that it looks like the wine is splashing out of the bottle. It's a wonderful technique and makes for some very interesting and fun shapes.

Now I just have to take enough vicodin so that I can clean up and polish the rest of the pieces!! You won't believe those. They're just friggin amazing.

Tomorrow... I swear tomorrow....


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