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Yellow Sun Bowl

I got to thinking that for the past several months, I've been discussing the failures with that sink job, both on here and on my Facebook/Twitter accounts. I've gotten comments that maybe I shouldn't spend my time making sinks. Well, it isn't that I *can't* make sinks, it's that I couldn't make *those* sinks as they had to fit a very precise position in the client's countertop.

*Her* sinks had to be made extra thick in sections, a little wider on this part, flat over here, dropped straight down on this side, curved on this other side, etc...... I wasn't allowed to alter her old 70's countertop at all. It wasn't even a particularly *nice* countertop, she just didn't want to futz with anything more than what was obviously (to her) a very simple project of going back to my studio, picking two matching bowls out of the perfectly sized bowls from my huge selection of stock, quickly popping the drain and faucet holes into them, and dropping them into her counter, sealed and ready for use! Should have taken me maybe a week at the most, according to her.

When I'm not faced with these insurmountable restrictions, I'm quite able to make large scale bowls that are gorgeous and would work wonderfully as sinks.

This one uses a great "splashy" technique which looks like the color is boiling up through the glass. Makes for a great looking sun! It's 18" in diameter, 5" deep.

I think this one would be a divine sink - the colors are gorgeous and the shape is shallow, wide and elegant. This one uses the splashy technique too. I like the look of it, as it's not the standard. It takes more time and effort, but for the client who doesn't want to buy off the shelf at home depot, this uniqueness is well worth it. It's also 18" in diameter, but 4 1/2" deep.

This bowl is beautiful. The gentle pink background with the blues and purples dancing through are mesmerizing. Put in a white bathroom, with accents of the matching blue and pink would be spectacular. 18" in diameter, 5" deep. Of course, any of these don't *have* to be sinks at all. They make perfect bowls already, just... you know... wanted to show that I *CAN* make sinks

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