Nothing Blasts Through Depression Like Success

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13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter - Oblique

After working for a number of months, in vain, trying to create two matching cast glass sinks for a client, that would fit into her already made countertop, she canceled the project. I was having failure after failure with those darned sinks - getting the colors to match what she wanted, then trying to get the cast piece to drop through a mold to the right shape for her countertop, faucet and knobs.

It was difficult. Each attempt took 6-10 days to heat up each section, cool it back down and then move on to the next step. After each step, I would brace myself to go out to look in the kiln. Most of the time, the piece would be perfect until the final forming step and then have a catastrophic failure from unknown causes. I was spiraling down into serious depression, questioning my ability and even if I wanted to continue as an artist at all.

When she canceled, you'd think that I would be crestfallen, more depressed, but in fact the exact opposite happened. I was relieved, reborn and re-ignited with hope, creativity and enthusiasm. My mind started bubbling with all the projects that had been on hold for so long. New projects burst into my head. I was ready to fire the kiln up again.

And when I did... Fear struck. What if I actually *HAD* lost my ability? What if all the previous good stuff was flukes and I was out of ideas and luck? I took deep breaths and hit the on switch.

As I peaked in to check after the final firing, I burst into insane giggling, smiling from ear to ear. A success, yes, but what a beauty as well.

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter - Oblique

13 Inch Fused Glass Galaxy Platter - Oblique

Getting this gorgeous piece to come out, with it's beautiful colors, it's perfect shape and nary a problem in sight has given me a giddiness that I haven't felt in a loooong time. I've plunged back in to actively marketing our works, and also in creating more different types of pieces for a wider audience. I would love to hear your comments on this piece, or the process. Please leave a comment.

Now, on to more pieces!!!

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2 Responses to: Nothing Blasts Through Depression Like Success

  • Lynette Says:

    This is stunning, Joy! The colors are so vibrant and the spiral itself, floating in the clearer glass, is perfectly placed. The white and yellow center draws one's eye inward. The yellow and white "halves" of this center seem to dance with each other, pulling their spiral arms inward as they move. Just marvelous!

    • Joy Alyssa Day Says:

      Thank you so much!!! I find it quite exquisite. It's hard to tell what for sure the colors will do when I'm painting them on. Sometimes they won't show up as vibrant as I think, or sometimes they go waaaay overboard. This one turned out just gorgeous. I'd be hard pressed to sell it. OK, no I wouldn't!!! 🙂


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