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The new jewelry line came about fairly rapidly, but the website for them took a little longer (isn't that always the case?). The site is now LIVE! - //

We decided to add it to our Glass Sculpture site, since the technique doesn't match up with my Reverse Glass painting, nor does it follow the techniques used in the art glass marbles & paperweights.

We're branching out so much even we get confused sometimes! 🙂 But it's all good.  So far, we have wondrous pendants:

Iris Pendant

Iris Pendant

and captivating Earrings:

Grass Earrings

Grass Earrings

We'll  be adding more types of jewelry, along with more different styles. The pieces up so far are just the beginning. We're so enthused about working like this that we're coming up with a lot of different ideas that we'll be trying out. In fact, we're going to be trying some of them *today* out in the hot shop. I'll be tweeting while we're blowing glass, so please follow along!

If you stop by, say hi and ask a question about us, our shop, glassblowing, etc... We'll also be making some outrageous samples for a commission we are currently working on for a beautiful chandelier style table base.

Hanna Table

Hanna Table

Hope you enjoy it, if you stop by.



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