More Amazing Wine Stoppers

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Orange Firefall

Blue MaelstromOK. How much fun are these???? This one is one of my favorites today. It's on the larger side, nearly 2 1/2 inches wide, with blues, creams and some whispies of purple floating through. It's just outright gorgeous under a light or in the sun. Wow!

Purple-purple-purpleThis one is fun too. I asked a friend what her favorite colors were and she said "Purple, purple and more purple!" Oooh, those are three of MY favorite colors too! So I had fun with this one, incorporating an opal lilac, lavender and a rich violet. MMmmm. Yummy!

Purple-Alabaster[/caption]This one came after the rich dark purple ones. It uses a bit of the violet, but then adds some alabaster and a little bit of a sky blue. Very pretty -- it's soft, subtle and elegant.

Orange FirefallAnd then there was this one!!! How much fun is this??? It's Garnet and Gold, with then the creamy pink added in. I swirled it differently so that the trailing ends would look like tendrils or flames. Very effective!!! This is the first of this technique and BJ came out and said "Show Me HOW!!!" cause it was just so darned cool.

Green Splash Ribbon
But he never does anything small!
This one is a beauty though, at a little over 3 1/2 inches tall. It has emerald and golden yellow, with some shoots of brilliant blue. He mixes and twists the colors and then puts the pattern on the outside and the twist so that it looks like ribbon. Mesmerizing with all the little details.

And the stopper bottoms are made of stainless steel, so it will never rust or pit or anything, no matter what kind of bottle you are stopping. It has rings of rubber to hold it securely in place.

Getting the cart, pricing and website set up takes a long time, especially when most of the day is spent processing the photos and movies and doing the photography itself. I think BJ is getting the site about ready to put up though, so it shouldn't be long now. As for pricing, they're going to be in the range of $65-75 for the regular ones and up to $125 or so for the larger ones. If you'd like to get one before the site goes up, just send me an email with which one you like and I'll send you a private link to be able to purchase it. And they're signed by us, so will only increase in value as works of art.

Let me know what you think of them.


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