I love these bowls….

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Mo Likes These New Beds

Mo Likes These New Beds ....says Mo!

I've been working on a new series of glass art. I started out making them to use as sinks, or maybe art bowls, but when I set one down, one of my kittens jumped right in and took over. We figured it was "The New Box" syndrome, where a new cardboard box is the greatest toy every created in the history of the world (next to an empty paper sack...), but they kept using them and liking the new bowls that I made.

I always figured cats would like soft comfy beds, but they really go crazy for these. I even tried to make them more soft by putting a pillow or towel in them, but the kitties would come up, reach in, pull the pillow out and then climb in and take a nap. It was really bizarre to see this happen again and again, but eventually, I got the idea.

So I've now created a website for them:

So far, just the testimonials page is up, but it shows a lot of the bowls there, and more will be added soon.

Let me know what you think of them!


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