A Marble in its New Home

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Roy Scarfo Marble

Roy Scarfo's Marble

This beautiful green marble now has a home on the east coast. The setting is gorgeous letting the sun come in. We consciously made the choice to have our marbles be translucent, transparent in places rather than solid opaque, so that you could see through to the other side to get more intricate things going on in each, plus the light being able to shine through is just spectacular. I'm so happy this one has such a nice home with such loving people. It's owned by an amazing artist who has quite a history of doing incredible work - Roy Scarfo and his wife, Carol.

David A. Hardy's Marble

David A. Hardy's Marble

This great marble is now owned by artist David A. Hardy, traveling halfway around the world to its new home, to be surrounded by dinosaurs and space art from a long history of David's creations. Its little bubble eyes in the blue remind me of Wall-E, and I'm so happy he has such a good home now. It's always fun to see where our creations go, how they're used or displayed. More often than not, we send them out and never see or hear from them again. It's a treat to see and know that they're received and loved. Thank you, Dave and Carol, for sending us these photos.


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