A Great New Paperweight

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   Posted by: Joy Alyssa Day in art, glass, sculpture

This is the latest in our new line of paperweights. You can see in the larger pictures how the way BJ does the texturing of the color cradles little bubbles around the edges. It's a really cool effect. This one in particular really shows it off because of the pale colors. There are also three larger bubbles included in the top of the swirl, making all kinds of new and wonderful reflections. But I just can't get over the ripples and bubbles all lined up. That is just so cool!!

We were asked to make marbles for a friend of ours months ago. I really didn't want to do it. Most of our work is large in scale, and I like it that way. When I make little things, I just can't help but see them in a larger collection rather than just on their own.

This project has given me the chance to make the smaller pieces and just let them be art on their own. It's a real refresher to me to be able to let go. The larger collections I do often seem to get too overworked -- too much stuff in them. Letting these little gems BE just as they are is quite exciting. They ARE beautiful, just as they are, and in finally being able to see and accept that, it has opened up a lot of other avenues for my art where I was forcing too much onto the plate.

And so I thank my good friend, Jon Ramer, for forcing me into this.

Yes, this one is for sale on GlassSculpture.org.


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