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Recently, and from multiple sources, I've gotten urged to use our glass work in jewelry. So I did a little research online to see what type of glass jewelry was already out there. We don't particularly like doing the same thing that hoards of others are doing. We like having our work be unique. I found a lot of various necklaces, etc, but none of it really looked like the type of designs that we would/have come up with.

I quite enjoy mixing little pieces in when I'm working on huge projects. They let my brain rest from the big stuff and I can really dive into myself and enjoy the process of each, big and little, much better when I'm bouncing from one to the other.

Of course, the huge project we're just finishing is the Blown Glass and Carbon Fiber Orrery. While I like to bounce to and from project, the mainĀ  ingredients usually stay similar or the same. We decided to keep with the Planet theme as we moved into the jewelry. What came out? Planetary Pendants!

Using the blown glass techniques we used to make the gorgeous little micro planets, we made the first in a continuing series of necklaces of the solar system.

We have a lot of practice with blowing Micro Earths, with BJ doing the majority of the work, so we chose this as our first piece, and was very proud of how it turned out:

Blown Glass Pendant Necklace

Earth Blown Glass Pendant Necklace - 1.5" (3.81cm)

We are also very keen on making a Mars, a wonderful inspiration for many artists. We don't work on as many of those for our clients, so it was more of a challenge, but it came out beautiful:

Mars Blown Glass Pendant Necklace

Mars Blown Glass Pendant Necklace - 1.38" (3.49cm)

With the success of these two, we moved into some of the other planets. None of the other ones have quite the distinction of features as these two, but instead lend themselves to more of an impressionistic feel with swirls of cloud patterns and storms. The first was Venus. Subtle and lovely:

Venus Blown Glass Pendant Necklace

Venus Blown Glass Pendant Necklace - 1.75" (4.44cm)

And we also did a version of Uranus but with more artistic license as to the storms and clouds. It turned out exceptionally well and already has a new loving owner:

Uranus Blown Glass Pendant Necklace

Uranus Blown Glass Pendant Necklace - 2.75" (6.98cm)

I don't think that Mercury will be much to look at, but Saturn, with its pale storms and Jupiter with its rugged storms will be very fun for us to work on. Those will wait for a future post.

If you're interested in showing your love for your favorite planet by owning one of these beauties, please drop me a note. They will soon be posted on Glass, but as they're so very new, they're not there yet. They are all in the $35-$65 range. Very affordable, unique and gorgeous.



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