A Painting A Day #3

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Shadow's ACEO

Shadow's ACEOIsn't she beautiful? This is a portrait of my cat Shadow getting sleepy for a nap. You can see the comfort and love in her eyes.

This is a new series of small watercolor paintings I'm working on. With the economic downturn, I'm looking at expanding my horizons and have always wanted to do watercolor paintings. These smaller paintings can be squeezed into little chunks of time I have between the bigger art pieces when they're drying or casting or whatever. I tend to get a half hour here or there - not enough to really get started on another section of the big sculptures, but just right for these, and much better than watching TV or playing a video game (although Oblivion is a lot of fun...).

This new portrait is available for a really sweet price, for an original painting from such a famous artist! I'll even personalize it for you!

Would you like a portrait of your own pussycat or puppy? Send me a photograph or two and I'll make one for you.


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